Terms of Agreement By submitting donations you agree to the following: The term donating is to be understood as the act of giving EDMO money, understanding that it is a donation, not a payment, thus no materials, real or electronic, are bound to be given in return, however, EDMO may reward the donators generosity. Upon donating, you agree that you are NOT entitled to receive any compensation in lieu of the donation you made, but instead, rewarded with a virtual gift, according to the information indexed on the website for your generosity. As a donator, one must agree to the following: The donator is not purchasing services, goods, or time. The donator must acknowledge that EDMO does not sell services or goods related to the game Lineage 2. Upon delivery of items, the delivered items may not be exchanged for other items. If the donators account is terminated for any reason, he or she is not entitled to a reimbursment. Gifts received in response to a donation or donations will not be replaced if they are lost, or dropped in game. If gifts received in response to a donation or donations and get stolen, it is on Administration Teams opinion whether they will be returned or not to the owner. All donations are final. The donator must agree that donations are non-refundable and cannot be recalled. EDMO reserves the right to modify this agreement without the prior notice or consent of any other party.

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